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Mentorship is a key to accelerat your career success in algorithmic trading

Find The Right Mentor

If you aim to deeper understanding of subject materials through collaboration with experts of particular field,
you can find a mentor which can assist you on free or paid basis.

Build connections with mentors and learners around the world, develop your own quantitative trading strategies,
be independent and get paid for that.

AI & Machine Learning

Data Analysis

Quantitative Analyst

Trading Specialist

Portfolio Management

Risk Analysis

Build a Team of Quants

We Are Building Community of Mentors

Whether you are an expert in data analysis, trading specialist or have a good experience as a portfolio manager, you can become a mentor in our community of quantitative traders.

Expand your reputation and connections with bright and talented individuals. Get more out of the relationship with our community. Participate as a volunteer or get paid for your service.

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