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Vladimir Tvardovsky

Vladimir Tvardovsky

Experienced financial professional, trader, author of the numerous books, master classes and webinars specializing in options training. Has published over 30 scientific papers in leading Soviet, Russian and international scientific journals focussing on mechanics, mathematics and technical physics, PhD.

The author of monograph (in collaboration with S. Parshikov) “Secrets of stock exchange trading: stock market trading”. Selling over 50,000 copies, over a period of 10 years the book has been regularly revised and republished eight times.

Founder of online broker  ITinvest. Creator of MatriXTM trading system launched, implementing innovative solutions for Direct Market Access and Risk Netting.

Establisher of the Finam Training Centre focussing on algorithmic and HFT-trading.

Currently managing director of Asset Management Сompany «FINAM Management».

Managing director Quantum Parity HF.

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