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Quantor is happy to announce the partnership with Kirill Ilinski.

Kirill is the founder, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Fusion Asset Management.


Kirill’s career started in academia, with PhD in Mathematical Physics from Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. He is the author of the non-equilibrium arbitrage pricing theory which was covered in “Scientific American”, “New Scientist” and other publications. This resulted in the monograph, “Physics of Finance”, published by Wiley & Sons in 2000. After his career in academia Kirill worked as a deputy-head of exotics analytics at Chase Manhattan Bank and after the merger co-founded Debt-Equity Relative Value Group at JPMorgan. The group was responsible for hedging of the bank’s Global Convertible business and was instrumental for developing models applied to hedge the bank’s loan book. After leaving the bank in 2004 Kirill became one of founders of Fusion Group – diversified group of financial companies which comprises an institutional asset manager, wealth management company and retail financial advice consolidator in the UK.


Kirill aids our team in strategic development, finance and work with investors.


Kirill’s online lectures on Financial Modelling can be found on our website: https://quantor.co/courses/financial-modeling/

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