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Quantor participated in “Spot conference” in Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

On July 23, co-founder and a representative of the Quantor team Vlad Buchnev took a part in the global international conference “Spot conference” in Hong Kong Stock Exchange (https://www.spotconf.com) devoted to crypto currencies exchanges.

The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges came together at the Hong Kong stock exchange to discuss technology and standards, regulation and industry changes. Around 250 key decision makers from top cryptocurrency exchanges participated in the conference including Quantor project representatives. The conference was attended by top cryptocurrency exchanges such Kraken, BitMEX, OKEX, GOPAX, and Huobi. Among well-known companies in crypto space were Kenetic, Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, Coingekko, and Diginex.

The goal of the Spot conference was to cover most important questions in today’s rapidly changing crypto industry: use of the most secured and latest technologies, collaboration among crypto exchanges, increase trust in exchanges, and relationships with regulators.

( Vlad Buchnev, co-founder of Quantor and Angie Lau, moderator of panel discussion “Funds & Exchanges” )


During the conference a discussion was occurred on what information is an exchange obliged to collect from token issuers before a token can be listed. One of the questions was also about risks of utility and security tokens. Ben Richman (Blockstream Diractor of data services) had a talk about the benefits of the Liquid sidechain. Security, Liquidity and Counterparty Risks have been also important and insightful part of panel discussions.

The conference participants took an active part in the discussions about how prevalent scams, what do CFD trades yield, and many other important questions.


A potential cooperation agreements were discussed between Quantor and representatives of crypto exchanges. The representatives of funds came to conclusion to discuss farther interest to Quantor project and its developing services for crypto investors.


We would like to express our gratitude to organizers of this conference who invited us to be a part of this comprehensive event.

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