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Quantor Token Pre-Sale has ended on August, 15th.

Dear Quantor community,


Quantor Token Pre-Sale has ended on August, 15th.


Our community members have supported the project and purchased a large amount of QNT tokens. But as we can see during pre-sale, a number of attempts to buy QNT tokens has failed because of technical issue. All these failed transactions can be seen on Etherscan. Therefore, unfortunately, we haven’t reached the soft cap on pre-sale.


As we can calculate, the amount of ETH in failed transactions during purchasing tokens could allow us to reach the soft cap on pre-sale.


Therefore, we see a strong interest to our project and do not want those buyers who could not buy tokens due to technical issue to miss this opportunity.


We will continue with the project and make another opportunity to buy tokens for those who missed it with a discount.


We still believe in the potential of the project and will keep working hard to make it happen.


Thank you everyone who has been supporting us during development of Quantor platform for solving the vast majority of problems in investment industry.


We believe in your support!


Quantor Team.



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