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American Optimal Decisions

Risk management



 Florida, USA


Company consults on risk management, optimization, statistics and develops advanced optimization software. The primary software product is Portfolio Safeguard.


Portfolio Safeguard

Portfolio Safeguard (PSG) is an optimization package for solving nonlinear and mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problems in Windows operating system. PSG contains precoded major classes of nonlinear functions and can formulate optimization problems in analytic format.



  • Simplicity of programming in analytic functional format.
  • Functional flexibility: optimization and analysis is formed by selecting various risk functions (VaR, CVaR, Probability, Drawdown, Partial Moment, Omega, and Maximum Loss).
  • Efficient numerical algorithms: optimize complicated problems with thousands of variables in seconds.


Some areas where PSG is used:

  • Financial Engineering
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Stochastic Programming
  • Logistics
  • Medical Applications
  • Mechanics (Optimization of Parameters of Beam Excitation Waveform)


PSG operates in four programming environments:

  • Run-File (Text)
  • CPP
  • R

Freeware Express License

Full capability PSG version with only one limitation: the number of variables in any matrix should not exceed 10. No expiration time.

License Price: Free

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